Newborn Art: from the ordinary to the extraordinary

Newborn Art before and after

After a recent Newborn Session I began to play with one of the images. I loved the original but I also felt that there was more to be said. To me, the final image on the right conveys the warmth and security of a baby inside of their Mother’s womb. The rings are like the echo of a Mother’s heartbeat. When I showed this image to my own mother she said it reminded her of the rings of a tree that mark its age. That’s part of the beauty about creating Newborn Art. Ultimately, people will see what they want to see based on their own experiences, perspective and reality.

What do you see when you look at the image on the right? I’d love to hear your comments and feedback.

Creating Worlds

Girl with wings in rainbow field

Sometimes capturing a beautiful photograph in the camera is only the first step in bringing a vision to life. As photographers in a digital era we aren’t limited to capturing the world around us, we also have the power to create a world of our own. My daughter has always loved fairies and rainbows. To her the world shown on the right is her every day reality. When she saw what I had done to this picture, her face lit up with joy because she realized that I understood her! With editing software anything is possible; dreams can become a reality and an artist’s vision can light up the page in new and exciting ways.

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