Newborn Photography Investment

What is the Newborn Photography Investment?

A lot of photographers that I’ve come across don’t have a page for pricing on their websites. Instead, you can find that information under a tab that says, investments. That got me thinking, “Is photography really an investment?” Let’s take a look at the definition of investment: the action or process of investing money for profit or material result.

Well, we all know that images of your children aren’t going to make you rich. So how did the word investment somehow becoming linked to photography?

What’s to Gain?

Photographs are something that appreciate in value over time. The older your children become, the more fondly you will look back upon the times when they were tiny and completely dependent on you for their every need. Those moments that you treasure now will someday be hard to recall. You think that when your child is 20 that you will still remember how tiny their little hands were the day that they were born, but the truth is that memories fade as they are replaced with newer ones. That is why Newborn Photography is truly an investment that increases in value for your family over time.

So in 20 years, how much will images of your newborn baby be worth to you? Can you put a price on a captured memory?

The Newborn Photography Investment is a price that you pay today in order to receive a sliver of time immortalized in a beautiful piece of timeless art. And that little baby that is so precious and tiny now, will someday be grown and living on their own, while the images that you bought so long ago will have become priceless to you.

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